Thesir Eldinarius

Eldin Elf Ranger



Eldin Elf Ranger

Race: Eldin Elf
Possible background: Brave?
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Class: UA Ranger? (
Hit Dice: 1d10

Light armor, medium armor, shields

Simple weapons, martial weapons


Saving Throws:
Strength, Dexterity

Choose three from Animal Handling, Athletics, Insight, Investigation, Nature, Perception, Stealth, and Survival

You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

• (a) scale mail or (b) leather armor
• (a) two shortswords or (b) two simple melee weapons
• (a) a dungeoneer’s pack or (b) an explorer’s pack
• A longbow and a quiver of 20 arrows

(Trade the scalemail (50g) and shortswords (10g) for studded leather (45g), a longsword(15g), and shield(10g)?)

Personal code?: Need to come up with a personal code. Some ideas…
Protect the Weak whenever possible.
Never leave a man behind, if he can be saved, otherwise end his suffering.
Your comrades come first.
The world is full of good and evil, walk the line, find the balance in your actions.

Thesir trained under the Ranger Lord (Rando name), who trains his students outside the walls of the city, avoiding the pale, and those that live within the Haze coated regions inbetween cities. He trained to avoid danger, strike fiercely when at an advantage and how to survive off the harsh landscape as a ranger. After completing his training Thesir worked for a time as a brave, preferring the solo-lifestyle. Now an opportunity to join a guild has come up and he seeks to excel.

Trait: I know every nook and cranny of the villages I’ve been assigned to, but couldn’t tell you who any of the nobles are.

Ideal: Preparation: The only reason I’m alive today is because of my caution and foresight.

Bond: I was once paid with an ancient looking treasure map with no markings of where to start. I wonder what it leads to.

Flaw: I have a habit of taking on too much at once, and will always complain begrudgingly about any help offered.



_ What is your name?_
My name is Thesir, of the Eldin-elf Family Eldinarius.

_ What is your Race and Sex?_
I am an Eldin Elf… checks his pants Yep, still male.

_ What about your appearance? What do you look like (be specific)?_
Nearly 6 foot well muscled elf, maybe slightly more muscular than most. Often wearing leather or scale armor. I carry a bow, sword and shield. My leathers are well oiled and feature mottled carving to match the outdoors that I often find myself exploring.

_ Who are your Parents?_
Amra and Tethir Eldinarius

_ Do you have any Siblings?_
Yes, my brother is a cleric in the the Elvin capital of Dew Eldlin.

_ What town/city were you born in?_
My Family line originates from Dew Eldlin but my Mother and Father moved to Lighthome after I was born.

_ Did you travel much as a child, or stay in one place?_
As a child I mainly lived with my parents. We did not travel much that I remember but I always yearned to leave the city and see what was outside. When I heard about the Ranger Lord Leithiandaer Hazestrider was seeking disciples I sought him out after convincing my parents of my chosen path.

_ What was your favorite thing to do as a child?_
Explore, I explored the city as a kid, often climbing the buildings to see beyond the sheltered noble neighborhood that my family lived, even out to the walls that protected the city.

_ What did you want to be when you grew up?_
I didn’t know, when I was a kid I didn’t care. As I grew older my wanderlust took hold, probably why I ended up training under the ranger-lord.

_ What is the defining moment for you from your childhood?_
The one time I got to see from the high-walls out into the wilderness, it was spooky, but exciting.


_ What happened to your family? Do you still see them, live near them, or even know where they are?_
My Father and Mother live in Lighthome, they moved there after I was born to get away from the capital. My brother stayed in Dew Eldlin and now serves as a cleric in the grand temple to Eldhamin there.

_ What skills did you find yourself honing as you became an adult?_
I found myself walking the city and exploring, I knew the layout of the city well, I knew all the little hiding spots and hangouts, I could tell you who lived where and what they did, and what areas of town not to go.

_ Have you traveled much as an adult? How much of the world have you seen?_
Mostly I have traveled with a couple of caravans outside my home city. Most of my work has been in the wooded areas surrounding the city or within the city itself.

_ Of all the places you have been, which was your favorite? Why?_
Anytime I was outside the walls was my favorite, there is so much to see and a certain beauty to the untouched wilderness.

_ Who was your mentor?_
Ranger Lord Leithiandaer Hazestrider

_ Who was your best friend?_
I never really had a best friends, I was kind of a loner in a way, though I had acquaintances. I think I learned who I was and saw a more fatherly figure in my teacher.

_ Who is your biggest rival or enemy? Why?_
I don’t have an enemy or rival.

_ How educated are you?_
Whatever is standard for Eldin elves.

_ Have you ever been in a guild? If so, what party role did you play?_
I served as a brave for a while, I enjoyed the freedom, but I was in a lower level guild as I was still young and had not proved myself.

_ What is the defining moment for you from your adulthood?_


_ What do you think about government and law?_
It keeps things running, but there is a reason I enjoy the outside world. Law has its place, it brings order, and order is necessary, but it is important to find balance. I live by my own laws, by my own morals, and I stick to them. Sometimes the laws of government disagree with me, and that’s fine, I tend to stick to those laws while inside the cities, but outside the cities I live by the laws of the land, the laws of the hunter and the laws I live by.

_ What do you think about guilds and the guild system?_
It’s business. A system created by the rich to bring order to the masses.

_ What is your opinion on the Saints and Saintism? How about Lanonism?_
I stand by my Patron saint Eldhamin, he is the sword of truth and the keeper of honest word. My family draws lineage to him, and are blessed by his existence.

_ How do you feel about the Highborn?_
Even as an Eldin I did not understand the nature of the highborn, to be locked up away from the world living the lavish life, for what? There’s order, and then there is stagnancy… I believe they live in the later.

_ How do you feel about the Lowborn?_
Every person can become anything they want, the Lowborn live in a society of order that controls them. I pity them in a way, I wish more of them would strive for something greater.

_ What is your biggest goal in life, the one motivation that keeps you going when things are most bleak?_
To know that at the end of the day I am living passionately and by my own rules.

_ What are you most passionate about?_
Exploring… To me exploring is the most important part of my skills, I can see the world, even with how dangerous it is and see things no one has seen in hundreds of years. I want to break ground and wander the ways of the old world.

_ What do you despise more than anything else?_
Lies. There is no harm in telling the truth, those who suffer from the truth hide their true nature, a nature others may not like. Live by your own rights, be honest and truthful with those around you, and it will inevitably bring you to balance.

_ Why do you adventure?_
To see the world… I’ve lived my years in the captivity of the city, now the world is mine to explore and keep.

_ What do you think will be the defining moment from your life? How will it end?_
No clue… Maybe I’ll find something to change the order of the world, something to bring about true peace rather than this sheltered chaotic existence covered over by false order that is the cities and guilds.

Thesir Eldinarius

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